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Homemade American Cheese Recipe

American Cheese is probably one of the most controversial cheeses. Some people love it, and some people think it looks and tastes like melted plastic. All I know, is that it makes a pretty decent grilled cheese sandwich. I have been using this recipe in my grilled cheese sandwiches for a while now and I love it! If you use lactose free milk and cheeses, it can even be lactose free!


About the Recipe

Don't you hate it when recipes start with someone's entire life story... yeah me too. I'm never gonna do that. If you need help finding lactose free ingredients, please take a look at the database tab.




This recipe is basically just to combine everything and stir. You can do this - I promise.

  1. Add the milk to a small pot and warm over a low heat (don't boil - just warm it).

  2. Add the Sodium Citrate and stir.

  3. Shred the Cheddar and Gruyere Cheeses and slowly add them to the milk one handful at a time. Stir the mixture well and allow the cheese to melt fully before adding more.

  4. Once all of the cheese is added and melted, add the Sazon and season with salt. I typically use 1.5 tsp of salt, but feel free to adjust this amount to your own taste.

  5. Line a tupperware container or mold with food safe plastic wrap, and pour in the melted cheese mixture.

  6. Cover and cool overnight in the fridge. Once fully solidified, the cheese is ready to slice and eat!


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