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Chef Tyler's

Lactose Free Database V1

What is this and why should you care?

This list is free. It will always be free. You will never need to sign up for anything to access it. I believe this is a resource that should be accessible to anyone.

"The Database" is a list of lactose free dairy products and non-dairy products. If you are a dairy purist, feel free to filter the spreadsheet to show only real dairy products. If you have an open mind, or a dairy allergy, there are plenty of great non-dairy options as well!


The purpose of this list is to remove any guessing from your dairy consumption. The products on this list are all advertised as "Lactose Free" by their manufacturers. There are many cheeses such as aged cheddar which can often be lactose free even if no claims are made about its lactose content, but this sheet will not include items like that. This is truly a SAFE SPACE, with all LACTOSE FREE PRODUCTS!

As I release more recipes, I will simply be saying things like "Lactose free whole milk" and allowing you to choose the product that makes sense for you, using this list.

Follow the link below to view the Google Sheet
(If you want to filter - Open on a computer)

Help me . . . Please

Look, I know this database isn't complete, but I'm doing my best. If you are looking for a specific kind of product and don't see it, or want to suggest another brand or product for me to add, please fill out this google form as a suggestion box.

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